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“I paint the traditional Ömie designs of my clan... sometimes I paint about initiations when we lived underground."

Aspasia has been painting for Ömie Artisits since its establisment in 2004. Stylistically, Aspasia paints the ancient designs featuring dahour'e, Ömie mountains, which is highly significant design usually painted by elders in the Sahuoté clan's central villages in Ömie territory. Her designs are loose adn are applied freely and wildly with the confidence that comes as a highly knowledgeable and exprienced painter. The freedom of lines seen in her work is a style shared with her senior artist peers, Botha Kimmikimmi (Hirokiki) and Mala Nari (Matosi). Aspasia's mother was Florence Umasisé of Jiapa village (Ematé clan) and her father was Naré of Budo village (Sahuoté clan). Aspasia was taught to paint by her mother, Florence, as well as by her grandmother including "classical" Ömie designs: dahoru'e - OÖmie mountains; hartu'e - design of the ceremonial Dwarf Cassowary - chestbone necklace; buboriano'e - beaks of the Papuan Hornbill; and sabu ahe - black spots of the wood-boring grub. She was married to the late Aiden Gadai (Alowa) and together had two children.


2018 Ömie Barkcloth Art - Papua New Guinea, Japingka Aborinal Art, Perth
2017 PNG, It's Dynamite, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
2016 Moonlight, Mountains, and Pig Tusks: Painted Wisdom of the Ömie Chiefs, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2016 The Sacred Mountain, Illuminated:Ömie Barkcloth Art of Papua New Guinea , Aboriginal Signature - Estrangin Fine Art, Brussels, Belgium
2016 Parcours des Mondes, Paris (Ömie Artists presented by Aboriginal Signature - Estrangin Fine Art, Brussels, Belgium
2015 Duvahe Nioge: Barkcloths by the Senior Ömie Artists, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2014 Nohi jajwe boromu mai dahoru Huvaimo va'ene (Our Culture is Strong like Our Mountain, Huvaimo), Harvey Art Projects, Sun Vallery, ID, USA
2014 To Dance in Beauty: Ömie Tapa from New Guinea, Black Dot Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Suja's Daughters, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
2013 Painted and Woven in Song: Ömie Barkcloths and Bilums, RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs
2013 Of Spirit and Splendour: Barkcloth Art of the Ömie, ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore
2012 Nohi Dahoru'e - Nohi Noge (Our Mountain - Our Art), The Depot Gallery, Sydney
2012 Second Skins: Painted Barkcloth from New Guinea and Central Africa, Fowler Museaum at UCLA, Los Angeles USA
2012 Nohi niogero aru'aho ma'ene munomehi jajuho (Our barkcloth holds the spirit of our culture) RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs
2011 No si hijomiono'o jabesi sor'e jajivo (We are painting the designs of our Ancestors) ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore
2010 Rweromo garé niogehu mamabahe ajivé (Come and see the beauty and brightness of our barkcloths), Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2009 Wisdom of the Mountain: Art of the Ömie, National Gallery of Victoria International, Melbourne
2009 Ömie: Barkcloths from New Guinea, Annandale Galleries, Sydney
2006 Ömie: The Barkcloth Art of Ömie, Annandale Galleries, Sydney


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National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
University of Queensland Anthropology Museum, Brisbane
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