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Skin Group: Fire
Dance:Narringari (Magpie Goose)

As a baby Agatina lived at Nguiu and Paru. She moved to Milikapiti when she was 3. After she finished school she worked as a volunteer in several organisations. Agatina is currently working as a medical receptionist at the local Milikapiti clinic. She has 6 children, and says, " Family is my world". She loves to fish, hunt and camp with her family. Keeping culture strong is important to her. She says that her five year old son, JB, is already aspiring to be a culture man. Agatina juggles working with raising children and painting.

Group Exhibitions

2017 - Mamirnikiwi Jilamara, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2017 - Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin, NT
2016 - Ngawila Jilamara, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin, NT
2015 - Kuripapuranjuwi Ngini Ngawaila Jilamara Kapi Ngawa - Tiwi Show, Darwin, NT

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