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Kaye Brown lives in Milikapiti and started painting a few years ago. Prior to that she taught at the local primary school and worked at the library. She loves teaching culture to the Milikapiti Primary School children who come to Jilamara once a week for culture classes, and has a wealth of local knowledge. Kaye is a caring grandmother to her numerous grandchildren.

2017 Mamirnikiwi Jilamara, Short Street Gallery, Broome
2017 Ngini Parlingarri Amintiya Ningani, Nomad Art Gallery, Darwin
2017 Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2016 Ngawila Jilamara, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2015 Tiwi Mamirnikuwi Jilamara:Tiwi Women Painting- The Cross Art Projects, Sydney
2015 Palya Arts, Melbourne
2015 Kuripapuranjuwi Ngini Ngawila Jilamara Kapi Ngawa Tiwi- Tiwi Show, Darwin
2015 Counting Tidelines–Nan Giese Gallery, Darwin
2013 Going forward- Tiwi Art Network exhibition, Darwin

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