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"I was born here in the little clinic, my family and friends are all here. My mother and my grandmother are ngangkari (traditional healers) they were always helping other people in the community. I like to go into country to find minkulpa (traditional bush tobacco) it only grows in the cool places close to water. I like laughing and having fun, I want the other people to enjoy the art centre like I do. It brings us together, working and sharing, and everyone is happy. This is a strong place."


2017 Many Hands - Paintings from Iwantja, Short St Gallery, Broome

2016 Point of Difference - from Desert to Sea, Turner Galleries with Artitja Fine Arts, Perth
2016 Salon des Refusés, Charles Darwin University, Darwin
2016 Ngura: Country, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 The Blooming Desert, Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs
2016 Cowboy Story, Harvey Art Projects, Idaho USA
2016 SALT, McCulloch and McCulloch, Melbourne

2015 Summer Salon, McCulloch and McCulloch, Shoreham
2015 Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle Western Australia
2015 Nganampa Ngura, Ngananmpa Tjukurpa (Our Land, Our Stories) Artitja Fine Art, Perth

2014 Indigenous Literacy Exhibition, McCulloch and McCulloch, Sydney
2014 Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle Western Australia
2014 Japingka Gallery, Perth Western Australia
2014 Tjungu Festival, Yulara, Uluru
2014 Autumn Salon, McCulloch and McCulloch, Shoreham VIC
2014 Right Now with Viscopy, Boomalli, Sydney
2014 Pukulpa Pots, Mr Kitly, Melbourne Victoria
2014 Celebrating Ten, Artitja Fine Arts, Perth Western Australia

2013 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2013 Art Mob, Hobart Tasmania

2012 Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs

2010 Booker Lowe Gallery, Houston Texas, USA
2010 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs

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