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Mothers Country: near Watarru
Fathers Country: near Pipalytjara
Dreaming: Malu, Kangaroo Ancestors

Ray grew up in Pukutja (Ernabella Mission). As a young man he worked as a stockman and ringer at the surrounding cattle stations.
Ray had never painted before coming to Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts) in mid 2003. He is a slow and meticulous worker who is drawn to vibrant colours that reflect the luminous colours of the sand dunes and desert landscape he paints.

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Ngayulu witini kanyani, ngayuku tjukurpa - I hold the story of my country

Group Exhibitions
2017 NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2017 Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW
2017 Kulini - Listen, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Sydney - Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars
2016 Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney - 2016 Seven Sisters
2016 Ngayuku ngura - My Country, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2015 Kwarila Tjunguringanyi - All Together Now, Short St Gallery, Broome WA
2015 Art Gallery of South Australia - TARNANTHI FESTIVAL - Kulata Tjuta Inma, Government House, Adelaide
2015 Outstation Gallery and Paul Johnstone Gallery in association with Darwin Festival - Salon des Refues2015Art Gallery of Western Australian - Western Australian Indigenous Art Award 2015
2015 Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney - Tjintu wiru - Beautiful day
2015 OutStation Gallery, Darwin - Tjukurpa, Ngura, Waltja - Culture, Country, Family
2014 Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2014 Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory - 31st Telstra National Indigenous Art Award Finalist
2014 Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney - Paintings from the Heart of Amata Country
2014 Out Station Gallery Darwin - Tjala-nga Tjara - Its all about Tjala
2014 Red Dot Gallery Singapore - Tjintu kuwaritja wiru mulapa
2014 AGSA - 2014 Adelaide Biennale - DARK HEART
2013 Araleun Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2013 Art Gallery of Western Australia - Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards
2013 Outstation Gallery Darwin - APY Lands Survey Exhibition 2013
2013 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Tjala Arts Men
2013 Outstation Gallery Darwin - Kunpu Pulka – Strong and Important
2013 Marshall Arts Gallery Adelaide - Manta wirunya mulapa. This beautiful Earth.
2012 Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne - Kunpu munu ninti pilulka - Nyangatja anangu tjuta ku minyma ku way. Strong and Wise -
This is the way of Anangu Women
2012 Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Tjala Arts New Works
2012 RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs - Punu Ngura - From the trees
2012 Short Street Gallery, Perth - Tjala Arts New Works
2012 Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Ngura ngura munu malaka ngura kutu - From home and returning home
2011 Raft Artspace, Alice Springs - I Hold My Mothers Story I Hold My Fathers Story
2011 Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney - Ngura Wiru Mulapa - Our Beautiful Country
2011 Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Closing the Gap
2011 Chapman Gallery, Canberra - Tjala Arts
2011 ARTKELCH, Leipzig, Germany - Pro Community – Western APY Lands
2011 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Mens Work Tjala Arts
2011 Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Nganampa Kampatjanka Uungutja, Behind Our Canvas
2010 Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Tjukurpa kunpu nganana kanyini pulka – Our stories, we hold strong
2010 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Watiku tjukurpa pulka mulapa
2010 Araleun Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2010 South Australian Museum - Tjukurpa Pulkatjara
2010 Marshall Arts, Adelaide - APY NPY Exhibition
2010 Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney - Nganampa Tjukurpa Nunpu: Our Strong Stories Tjala Arts, Amata 2010
2009 Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2009 Chapman Gallery, Canberra - New Work, Tjala Arts
2009 Randell Lane, Perth - Tjala Arts - New Work
2009 Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney - Tjala Arts
2009 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Tjala Arts - Men
2008 Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney - Tjukurpa nganampa kunpu kanyintjaku – Stories that keep culture strong
2008 Perth - Randell Lane Fine Art
2008 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Tjala Arts Men
2007 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Nyangatja nganampa tjukurpa: These are our stories
2006 Red Dot Gallery, Singapore - Utulu kuwaritja Amatala nguru - New mob from Amata
2006 Art Images, Adelaide - Tjala Arts: SALA Festival
2005 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Amata watiku tkukurpa wiru: Good stories from Amata men
2005 Bandigan Art, Sydney - Waku Kunpu: Strong Work


2012 Mysteries of the desert kings stay concealed among the trees' Nicholas Rothwell, The Australian, 1 March
2012 'Don't fence me in: thrust of artworks parries need for barriers', Robert Nelson, The Age, 18 July
2012 'For the leaves of the family tree' Kieran Finnane, Alice Springs News online, March
2012 'Desert Mob lays out the legacy' Nicholas Rothwell, The Australian, 13 September
2012 'The Way it's always been and the way of the future' Alice Springs News, 10 September
2011 'APY Art Project involves young and old', Jeremy Eccles, Aboriginal Art News, 23 March

2017 Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2017 Finalist, Wynne Prize
2013 Finalist - Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards
2011 Shortlisted for Telstra Prize
2009 Shortlisted for Telstra Prize

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