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Maringka was born near Wingellina and grew up in Ernabella community. She went through school in Ernabella and spent most of her youth there. She later moved to Amata and then to Indulkana where she raised her family and still resides today. Maringka is a mother and grandmother for lots of young kids. She is an artist of many mediums including Tjanpi weaving, painting canvas and beaded jewellery. Maringka is also a practicing ngankari (traditional healer) and works with the NPY Women's Council to provide traditional healing services.

"I am a senior lady at Iwantja, and I began working as an artist at Iwantja Arts a long time ago, me and Kunmanara Singer were the first women artists here. I help look after the art centre and go to the big meetings for them. I also enjoy singing and I travelled to sing in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games, I want to keep painting and doing inma (ceremonial song and dance) always. My father was a special ngangkari (traditional healer) and he taught me about healing; now I am ngangkari too. I do lots of work for the women’s council, I’m always helping at their big meetings and supporting Anangu women. As artists and as a community, we should always do more work with the young people, making things together and teaching them about the old ways too, always remembering country, this is a good way."


2016 Ngura: Country, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 East APY, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2015 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2015 Summer Salon, McCulloch and McCulloch, Shoreham
2015 Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle Western Australia
2014 Indigenous Literacy Exhibition, Sydney
2014 Artitja Fine Arts, Perth Western Australia
2014 Japingka, Western Australia
2014 Viscopy Boomalli Gallery, Sydney
2014 Celebrating Ten, Artitja Fine Art, Perth Western Australia
2014 Pukulpa Pots, Mr Kitly Gallery, Melbourne
2014 APY Network Pop Up, Sydney
2014 Aboriginal Art from the Eastern APY Lands, Kelch Gallery, Freiburg Germany 2013 Art Mob, Hobart Tasmania
2013 Our Mob, Anita Chan Lai Ling Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 Harvey Art Projects, Idaho, USA
2013 Japingka Gallery, Perth Western Australia
2012 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Srpings
2011 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2011 Booker Lowe Gallery, Houston Texas USA
2010 - Kuwarita Tjuta Ara Irititja. People today, old stories, Outstation gallery, Darwin, NT
2010 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2009 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs

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