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Alison grew up at Pukatja and lived here with her family before they all moved to Amata around 1990. While at school and later at Ernabella, Alison first learnt painting and batik. In the 1980s she travelled to the Tiwi Islands with several other Ernabella women to teach batik to the Tiwi artists there. In late 2006 Alison began to paint at Tjala in Amata. Her mother (Betty Munti) was a highly regarded artist working there. Alison quickly followed in her footsteps and in 2011 was a finalist in the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Awards (the Telstras) and her painting was voted 'People's Choice.' Since 2011 she has worked between the Ernabella and Tjala studios. At Ernabella she is the leader of a collaborative painting program teaching younger and emerging artists valuable painting skills through inclusive collaborative paintings.


Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)


Acrylic on canvas

2017 Spirited, Kurunitja, Short St gallery, Broome WA
2017 - Inuntjii - Regeneration - Aboriginal Signature • Estrangin gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2017 - Relative Colours - Aboriginal Contemporary, Sydney, NSW
2016 - Nganampa Kililpi Kuwartija Tjuta pakani: Our Rising Stars - Hazelhurst Regional Community Gallery, NSW
2016 - Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars - Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre
2016 - Inheritance - Salt Contemporary, Queenscliff, VIC
2016 - Point of difference - Desert to the Sea - Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle, WA
2016 - Spring Salon + Art Parade McCulloch & McCulloch - Whistlewood, Shoreham, VIC
2015 - Tjukurpa Kunpu / Strong Culture: HOLIDAY SHOW 2015-2016 - Harvey Art Projects, USA
2014 - Desert Mob 2014 - Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT
2014 - Pilanypa - Harvey Art Projects, Idaho USA
2014 - Eastern APY Lands: ArtKelch - Touring Freiburg, Munich, Hamburg and Bodensee, Germany
2014 - Little Bit Long Way - McCulloch and McCulloch Fundraiser, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Gallery, Woodleigh School, Langwarrin South VIC
2013 - Tjukurpa Nganampa Kunpu Kanyintjaku: Keeping Our Stories Strong - Harvey Art Projects, Idaho USA
2013 - Nyinnga (The Cold Time of the Year) - Harvey Art Projects, Idaho USA
2013 - Putitja (From Spinifex Country) - Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
2013 - New Paintings - Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT
2012 - Punu-nguru (from the trees) - raft Artspace, Alice Springs NT
2012 - Ngura nguru munu malaku ngura kutu - Outstation Gallery, Darwin NT
2011 - I hold my mothers story, I hold my fathers story - raft Artspace, Alice Springs, NT
2011 - Nganampa Kampatjanka Uungutja - Outstation Gallery, Darwin NT
2011 - NATSIAA Awards - Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin NT
2011 - Desert Mob - Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT
2011 - Tjala Arts New Paintings - Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT
2010 - Tjala Arts Patintjaku - Marshall Arts, Adelaide SA
2010 - Tjukurpa Kunpu Nganana Kanyini Pulka - Outstation Gallery, Darwin NT
2010 - Ngayuku Ngura: Ernabella Ceramics - Jam Factory, Adelaide SA
2009 - New Work - Tjala Women - Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi
2009 - APY Lands Group Exhibition - Outstation Gallery, Darwin NT
2008 - Our Mob - Adelaide Festival Centre

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Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Tjla Arts Art Images - Adelaide 2008
Our Mob - Adelaide Festival 2008

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