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Mary was born bush way in a place half way between Tjukurla and Patjarr at Kurnilwarri.
As a child she lived in the bush with her family, and they walked up to Papunya and lived there for many years. She returned to live at Patjarr and started to paint in 1994. Shespends her time between Tjukurla and Docker River.


1995 Artplace Perth (between 1995-2003)
2000 Aboriginal and Pacific Arts, Sydney (between 1995- 2003)
2003 Nampa Kuwarringkatja, Tjulyuru Regional Gallery, Warburton, WA
2005 Kayili Artists, Walkumunu, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2005 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs
2006 Kayili Artists, New Works, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne
2006 Patjarr survey show of recent work from Gibson Desert, Short St Gallery, Broome
2006 Senior Kayili Artists, Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
2006 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs
2007 Recent works in Association with Kayili Artists Inc, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne
2007 Kayili Canvas, Perth International Arts Festival, Lawrence & Wilson Gallery, Melbourne
2007 Kayili Canvas, Power & Beauty: Indigenous Art Now, Heide Museum of Modern Art, VIC
2007 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs
2007 Patjarr Painters, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2007 Wetern Desert Mob, Kutju - One, Lawernce Wilson Art Gallery, UWA, Perth


Vroom Collection, Germany
Lagerburg Swift Collection
Kelton Foundation Collection
Queensland Art Gallery

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