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Mary was born at Ilyara (Punmu) and lived there throughout her childhood. She travelled around her country with her family. Until the early 1970s, she lived a traditional life and says, "We been walk 'em, no clothes, nothing. We proper bush people, no English." Mary is a part of the Yulparija people who walked out of the desert to the coastal town of Bidyadanga in search of water after severe drought had plagued their land.

2017 Songs of a Secret Country, Kluge-Ruhe Art GAllery, University of Virginia, United States of America
2014 Saltwater Soul Desert Heart, Short St Gallery Broome, WA
2012 Deserts and Rivers, Aboriginal Art from Western Australia's North, Form Gallery, Perth
2012 West of Well 33, Yaama Ganu Gallery, Sydney
2012 'Luminescences: The Colour of Bidyadanga', Harvey Art Projects, Idaho, USA
2011 'Shalom Gamarada Ngiyani Yana Art Fair 2011', Sydney, NSW
2011 'Summer Haze', JGM Galleries, London, UK
2011 'Pearls, Paint & Ilma', Aratong Galleries, Australian High Commission, Singapore
2011 'Kirriwirri', Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2011 'Bidyadanga Recent Paintings', Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT
2010 'Bidyadanga Artists' Harvey Arts Projects, SunValley, Idaho, USA
2010 Yiwarra Kuju, Canning Stock Route exhibition, National Museum of Australia, Canberra ACT
2010 Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building. - Short St Gallery & William Mora Galleries present the Yulparija artists
2010 White, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2009 Short on Size, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2009 Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi, London UK
2008 Desert stories, Chapman Galleries, Canberra, NT
2008 Yulparija, AP Bond, Adelaide, SA
2007 Winpa, Raft Art Space, Darwin, NT
2007 From the Bungalow I: Yulparija Artists, Johnston Gallery, Perth, WA
2006 Bidyadanga Artists, Neville Keating Pictures, London UK
2006 23rd Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, Darwin, NT
2005 The return of our land, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, NT
2005 Big Country, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, NT
2004 Desert Ocean, Short st. Gallery @ Kidogo Gallery, Fremantle, WA
2004 Divas of the Desert, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, NT
2004 Bidyadanga Artists, William Mora Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2004 Bidyadanga Art, Art House Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2004 2004 Culture Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC
2004 Bidyadanga Artists, Raft Art Space, Darwin, NT
2004 Desert to Saltwater, Short st. Gallery @ Mary Place Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2003 Manjyiljara, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA


Canning Stock Route Project Collection
Notre Dame University
Laverty collection
Sam Barry collection
National Gallery of Australia
Parliament House Collection, Canberra
Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia


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Desert Heart, Rebel Film, ABC March 28th 2008

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