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Mary was born in the bush between Mudlow and Karslake beach on Melville Island. Alley and Polly Miller were her parents. Alley Miller was a strong culture man who was the leader for ceremonies in the area. When Mary was 5 or 7 years old she was taken to the mission on Bathurst Island. She returned to Milikapiti, on Melville Island, aged 18. Mary believed her parents where dead but when she arrived back in Milikapiti her father took her to a Kulama ceremony. He taught her how to dance and she listened to her father singing songs. She did not understand them at first because she had only learnt English. Later Alley and Polly taught her to speak Tiwi and to understand the songs. Alley and Polly were both carvers and Polly was a weaver and made ornaments for ceremonies. Mary has lived at Snake Bay (Milikapiti) ever since and is a traditional land owner for the area. Mary has been a regional council member for ATSIC. She recently paints on paper and canvas and weaves. She draws on memories of her father’s paintings as well as finding inspiration in the rich natural harvest of the island.

2017 Mamirnikiwi Jilamara, Short Street Gallery, Broome
2017 Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2016 Ngawila Jilamara. Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2001 Group Show, Damien Minton Gallery, Brisbane
2000 From Mythology to the Present, Wuerzburg, Germany
1997 Old Designs Framed Gallery, Darwin Northern Territory.

National Gallery of Australia

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