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BORN: 24/9/1962
DOMICILE: Milikapiti
DANCE: Tarranigi (buffalo)

Conrad Tipunwuti has been painting and creating prints at Jilamara since the late 1990's. His work is full of expression that holds a freshness and energy unlike many of the Tiwi artists. The over-riding theme of his work depicts the late wet season 'Kulama' initiation ceremonies, celebrated when the sacred yams are ripe. He singles out a particualr figure, Tapara, the moon man, who became a moon man after the pukamani ceremony was performed. The large concentric circles and small dots are like the night sky. Conrad has works in major collections and was recently collected by the DuMusee des Confluences in Paris, France. His art has always been displayed with Jilamara group exhibitions but recently his profile has blossomed and Conrad Tipungwuti is an artist who is rising to become one of the great Tiwi artists of today.

Du Musee des Confluences, Paris, France
Charles Darwin University, Darwin
Murdoch University, Perth
Edith Cowan University Art Collection, Perth
Wesfarmers Collection, Perth
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
Artbank Australia
Queensland University Art Museum
Stokes Collection, Victoria
Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth WA

2012 Conrad Tipungwuti - Chasing Dots – Seva Frangos Art, Perth
2013 Aboriginal and Pacific art, Sydney, NSW

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1997 Old Tiwi. Alcaston House Gallery Melbourne
1997 Kartukuni Amintiya Jurra (Ironwood and Paper) Hogarth Gallery, Paddington NSW
1998 The Old and the New, Gallery Gondwana Alice Springs NT
1998 Ngawa Mantawi Mossenson Gallery Subiaco WA
1998 Group exhibition Alcaston House, Melbourne Victoria
1998 Jilamara Mossenson Gallery, Subiaco WA
1999 All About Art, Alcaston Gallery, Canberra
1999 Tiwi on Wood, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
1999 New Paintings from Milikapiti, Redback Gallery, Brisbane
1999 Art of the Tiwi Framed Gallery Darwin
2000 Ngawiyati Mgapamurrumi - We Work Together Textiles show at Craft Victoria, Melbourne
2001 Jilamara Jilamara Framed Gallery Darwin
2001 Island Images Australian Print Workshop Melbourne
2001 26th Annual Shell Fremantle Print Award Fremantle Art Centre
2002 Pwoja Jilamara Raft Artspace Darwin
2003 Let Keep Our Art Strong: Recent works from the Jilamara Artists, Raft Artspace, Darwin
2005 Yirrarra - Kulama amintiya Pukumani, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
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2006 Jilamara: New etchings from Melville Island, Northern Editions, Darwin
2006 Jilamara: New etchings from Melville Island, Northern Editions, Alison Kelly Gallery, Melbourne
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2007 Red, Yellow, Balck, White, Raft Artspace, Darwin
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2011 Awirankini Jilamara, Short St Gallery, Broome
2011-13 Nortehrn Impressions- Celebration of contemporary Printmaking Travelling 11 venues NT, Qld, SA, NSW and Vic.
2012 Parlini amintiya Awirankini – Old and New, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2012 Earth on Paper III – Seva Frangos Art, Perth WA
2013 “We are Tiwi” Harvey Art Projects, Ketchum, Idaho, USA
2013 New3: Selected recent acquisitions by the University of Queensland Art Museum 2011-13Brisbane
2013 Nga-wuja arungwapi – We are going forward, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2015 Kuripapuranjuwi Ngini Ngawila Jilamara Kapi Ngawa Tiwi: Tiwi Show, Darwin

2001 26th Annual Shell Fremantle Print Award Fremantle Art Centre
2010 Finalist in the TOGART Art Award, Darwin NT
2011 Finalist in the TOGART Art Award, Darwin NT
2013 Finalist WA Indigenous Art Awards, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
2013 Finalist in TOGART Award, Darwin, NT

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