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Bonnnie was born in Illurpa, a place near Blackstone in Ngaanyatjarra lands. When she was young her mother took her to Ernabella, later they moved to Angus Downs and then Mutijulu.
Bonnie's father passed away in Alintjarra. She has lost a lot of family in Warakurna and in Blackstone. Bonnie's father's country is Manta Maru.
2016 Revealed
2016 Touring Exhibition,Art Kelch, Germany
2015 Tunbridge Gallery, Perth
2015 Desert mob 2915, Araluen Gallery
2015 Wintjiri Gallery
2014 Warakurna Artist adn Tjarlirli Art, Vivien Anderson Gallery
2014 Living Spirit, Marshall Arts
2013 Desert mob 2013

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