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Roxanne was born in Alice Springs. Her father’s country is north east of Harts Range at Irrelirre Outstation. That’s where Roxanne spent most of her time growing up. She says in that country there are lots of hills, lots of kangaroo, porcupine, goanna, perentie and emu. All this food meant it was good country for hunting. Roxanne went everyday on the bus from Irrelirre to the school at Harts Range. One day she came to Alice Springs for a sports weekend and met her husband. Now they live together at Larapinta Valley Town Camp where her husband’s family has always lived. Roxanne started coming to the art room in 2015 when her husband started work at the learning centre. Now she comes every day to sew. She says she loves the bright colours of the wool and cottons;they give her lots of ideas.
Group Exhibition
2018 Women Telling Stories Arelhe Altyerre Ileme Short St Gallery Broome
2017 National Gallery of Victoria Design Triennial:collaboration with Estudio Campana and Elbowrkshp
2017 Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Art Gallery of South Australia
2017 Desert MobAraluen Arts Centre Alice Springs
2017 Arrweketye Mape Awethe AkineTangentyere Artists Gallery(Women Back Together Again)
2017 Together our stories are stronger Merricks general Store Victoria
2017 Creature Collection Hugo Michell Gallery Adelaide
2017 Where worlds come together Nomad Gallery Darwin
2016 Drawing from the Inside Aboriginal and Pacific Art Sydney
2016 Desert MobAraluen Arts Centre Alice Springs
2016 Salon Des RefusesDarwin
2016AdornedOutstation Gallery Darwin
2016 Arrweketye Mob: Women MobTangentyere Artists Gallery Alice
2016 Avatar RAFT Artspace Alice Springs
2016 From our heads and our hands: stories told with colourRed Dot Fine Art Gallery Singapore
2016 Outsider Art FairRebecca Hossack Art Gallery NewYork
Public Collections
2016 Art Gallery of South Australia

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