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Professional acrylic on canvas and linen


Walka - design
Mai - bushfoods
Tjulpun-tjulpunpa -Wildflowers


Mantuwa was born at Shirley Well, near Fregon, where her parents worked on the cattle station which was part of Ernabella Mission. She has four brothers and two sisters.
The family moved to Fregon where she grew up and went to school. After leaving school Mantuwa worked in the Fregon office and also at the Fregon School. In 1996 she started to paint, firstly just on cards, and then on canvas and linen.
An emerging artist, Mantuwa's work ranges from the highly decorative and detailed *walka, with strong, original designs to more simplified content and colour palette . Both are inspired by her traditional country and culture of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. She has recently returned to painting in the last few years after an extended break. She is a member of the Kaltjiti Arts executive committee and assists with the administration of the Kaltjiti Art Centre.

Group Exhibitions

2018 March : Steadfast - Works from Kaltjiti Short Street Gallery Broome WA
2016 Signal Point Gallery & Kiri Kiri Art 'Malpa Wiru' Naidoc exhibition.
2011 Darwin Art Fair, Darwin, NT
2011 Desert Mob Show, Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs
2008 Anangu Back Yard: Adelaide Festival Centre
2007 Tjulpuntjulpunpa: Vistas of wildflowers by Kaltjiti Artists, Adelaide Festival Centre Adelaide SA

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