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Lisa is a young woman living in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley area of Western Australia. Her language group is Wangkajungka and she has lived all of her life in Fitzroy Crossing.
With mesmerising effect, Lisa illustrates her love of country through her rhythmic, abstracted paintings, recalling the stories she has been told by her elders, more specifically by her mother Jukuja Dolly Snell (Dolly has raised Lisa since she was an infant, ever since Lisa’s biological mother, and Dolly’s sister, passed away). Not uncommonly for people of her generation, Lisa has never been to the country she has inherited from her ancestors. Her works then, are a tapestry of anecdotally acquired knowledge, and an empirical experience referencing the humidity and expanse of the Kimberley.
Lisa’s work has been shown locally and nationally in group and solo exhibitions.

Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection
Artbank Collection
Patrick Corrigan OMA Collection
Murdoch University Collection

2016 Hedland Art Awards - Best work by an Indigenous Artist
2015 Finalist Stringer Prize
2012 Kimberley Art Prize – Best Oils and Acrylic painting
2011 Kimberley Art Prize- Rio Tinto Emerging Artist Award

2014 Turtujarti Gabrielle Pizzi, Fitzroy, VIC
2014 Mana. Trees. Suzanne O'Connel, Brisbane, QLD
2013 Lisa Uhl - Turtujarti Gabreille Pizzi, Fitzroy, VIC
2012 Lis Uhl - Solo Seva Frangos Fine Art, Perth, WA
2011 Lisa Uhl - Tutujarti Suzanne O'Connel, Brisbane, QLD


2018 Mangkaja - Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2017 Mangkaja Waters - Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 Untitled Room 1 - Hanging Valley Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2016 Gimme Shelter - A Survey Show from the Artists of Fitzroy Valley, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 Pinakarriiluny Marnalunya Ngalimpakura ReDot Gallery, Singapore
2015 John Strnger Prize Collectors Club, Perth, WA
2015 Salon de Refuses Darwn Port, Darwin, NT
2015 Eerybody's Prints Nomad Art, Darwin, NT
2014 Here & Now 2014 Nomad Art, Darwin, NT
2014 Pica Salon Kalgoorlie, WA
2012 Mangkaja Arts 21 Year Anniversary PICA, Perth, WA
2009 Wirrinyiya ngaragngaraa birra ngamoo ngamoo Tandya, Adelaide, SA
2009 Life in the Kimberley Mangkaja Art Centre, Fitzroy Crossing, WA
2009 Life in the Kimberley, DADAA Inc, freight Gallery, Fremantle, WA

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