Current and Past Exhibitions

This is a great opportunity to preview this amazing collection of works that will go on display at the William Mora Galleries stand In association with Short St Gallery at Melbourne Art Fair. Daniel Walbidi, Emily Rohr and Michael Hutchinson will be there from Short St Gallery, and we would like to invite you along to see this collection which has taken a year to put together and includes some estate pieces. We look forward to seeing you there, and hope that this preview online will give you a taste of being there for those who cannot make it.
An exciting exhibition of works on paper from the Tiwi islands. Short St Gallery in association with Ngaruwanajirri arts is proud to present Kapala featuring works by Lorna Kantilla, Jonathon Tipungwuti, Lillian Kerinaina, Alfonso Puautjimi and Estelle Munkanome. Opening Thursday 5th August at 6pm @ Short St Gallery Broome, all are welcome.
Short St Gallery is proud to present this stunning exhibition from the Pitjantjatjara artists of Napari and Kanpi communities in South Australia. Showcasing the works of Keith Stevens and featuring Ginger Wikilyiri, Nellie Stewart, Tiger Palpatja, Maringka Baker, Angkaliya Curtis and Iyawi Wikilyiri the gallery walls are aglow with these stunning images of law and country. Opening on Thursday 8th July at 6pm, please join us to meet Iyawi and Ginger Wikilyiri, Angkaliya Curtis and Keith Stevens or view online.
Short St Gallery in association with Mangkaja Arts proudly presents selected works by Cory (Wakartu) Suprise, Dolly (Jukuna) Snell, Mona (Jukuna) Chuguna, Rosie (Tarku) Tarco King. Four senior artists who paint their Great Sandy Desert country with extraordinary passion and vigour. Opens Thursday 6th May at 6pm.
Short St Gallery proudly presents an exhibition of artworks from Warakurna Artists and Tjanpi Desert Weavers. This beautiful exhibition incorporates stunning paintings from Warakurna and Wanarn communities in Ngaanyatjarra country of W.A. and extraordinary eclectic fibre works, including animals and baskets, from women artists working across 25 communities in the NPY(Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Lands of Central Australia. Opening on Thursday April 8th at 6pm. Please join us for a glass of wine or view online.
The Tanks, in conjunction with Ed Boylan and Short St Gallery present an intriguing exhibition of Artefacts and artwork from Papua New Guinea. Ed Boylan has been collecting art and artefacts for over 40 years, he had a shop specialising in PNG artefacts in Cairns . We are proud to exhibit some of his rare pieces including, shields, Mindja, Gable masks, Kakeme Figures, Gopi and Yam boards, and carved figures The works come from all over New Guinea, including the Papuan Gulf, Sepik areas, with work from the Abelam, Sawos, Mundugamor and Nukuma tribes. Ed regularly visited the remotest parts of New Guinea, and many of the pieces in the exhibition were bought many years ago. It is unique and interesting exhibition, which is very worth seeing. The craftsmanship and designs are part of the rich cultural heritage of the diverse tribes that live in New Guinea. Many are highly collectable. It includes extremely rare objects that cannot be found today in New Guinea, even by experienced collectors. It is a great opportunity to have works available that would normally only be seen in Museums.
Showcasing the works of artists with a penchant for white paint or ochre, this stunning exhibition features sculptural pieces, barks and paintings from Arnhem Land, the Kimberley, Western Desert, Tiwi Islands and the APY Lands. Our first exhibition of 2010 is curated by Abi Temby and opens Thursday March 11th at 6pm
For our final exhibition of the year we are proud to present a stunning selection of recently created smaller works by the Yulparija Artists of Bidyadanga. BEST WISHES FOR A FABULOUS FESTIVE SEASON AND WONDERFUL 2010. Many thanks for your ongoing support and looking forward to seeing you when you come to Broome next.
Daniel Walbidi has been a part of Short St Gallery since we started, and it is with utmost pride that we present this exhibition which celebrates ten years of his painting career. We have watched this extraordinarlly talented artist move from his raw expressive, gestural works, to develop his refined and densely layered canvases of today. His work is sought after by collectors throughout the world and rightly so, his talent is boundless. It is a pleasure to work with someone as gracious and honorable as Daniel. He has a great understanding of the complexities of the human condition and our relationship to our environment which he express in his paintings. His work celebrate the land and the complicated mythologies that make up his cultural tradition, yet he brings an edge from the contemporary world he walks in. His ancestors would be proud as he truly respects his aesthetic and cultural heritage, while contributing to the experiences of his own generation. All works have already sold, however we invite you to register your interest for future paintings via email. Opens 6pm Friday 13th November please join us for a glass of wine.
Short St Gallery in association with Kayili Artists brings you Tjitirn-tjitirn Manta Kutu Kurukurra, Red Sand to Salty Water. This exhibition features stunning works by renowned artists including Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles, Ngipi Ward, Pulpurru Davies and Fred Ward. Opening Friday October 16th at 6pm.