Current and Past Exhibitions

The art of the desert has been etched in the consciousness of the Australian psyche. The papunya school of painting was at the forefront of the desert movement, this style limits the appearance of the figurative. However in many early desert rock paintings the figurative is present. Also much of the more recent painters in this movement are extremely figurative in their works, we wanted to celebrate the figure in Desert painting. This exhibition is a monumental examination of the figure in works from Desert artists, as far ranging as Balgo, and Bililuna to the Fitzroy valley and down to the APY and Ng lands. For us it is tantamount to understanding the notion of "I am the land" the figures seamlessly merge into the country, and are intrinsically part of it often even defining it.
It is an honour to be exhibiting the works by these two formidable and refined men. It is with great sadness that Mr Wagin, is no longer with us to see his works standing next to his brothers. His painting so proudly reveals the complexity and beauty of his vast country and how it has defined his culture. This great old man is deeply missed, his wisdom was held in high esteem across numerous desert cultures, where he was considered an extemely powerful and important law man. His works are densly laden with the mythological, familial, geographical history of his people and their country and the joy in his paintings, expressed through his painterly and gestural brush work truly celebrates a rich life well lived. Equally Whiskey's work is imbedded with the masculine energy of the desert, they vibrate, and resonate a hidden and intriguing pulse. Although his work is quite different to his brothers both represent a powerful portrayal of desert culture and life. We thank Tjala and Iwantja Art Centres for the wonderful works by these two great brothers.
Short St Gallery in association with Tangentyere Art centre is proud to present a collection of works from town camps in the Alice. Tangentyere artists use their art to tell stories in and around Alice Springs. They are becoming known for their figurative paintings on canvas and found objects with their subject ranging from the descriptive to the political, and always depicted with a refreshing honesty. The exhibition features work by Anna Seven, Margaret Boko, Alison Inkamala, Grace Robinya and Sally M Mulda.
Patrick Mung and Betty Carrington are the senior law people at Warmun (Turkey Creek). This husband and wife are important custodians of Kija culture, and seminal artists. Mung Mung's work captures the back country of the Bungle Bungles with such impressive understanding of its ever-changing light. His painterly spaces contrasted with the detailed dotting of the big rock country perfectly encaptulates the magnificence and grandness of this incredibly breath-taking landscape. He creates a sense of its density using a lightness of touch, the juxtaposition is extraordinary, a skill passed on by his very famous father George Mung Mung. Carrington's fine floating hills give us a sense of other-worldliness, and imply a knowlege beyond the physical. Her fine and gracious hand, belie the strength of the forms she creates. These powerful hills hint at the power of the forces that bought them into being. Short St is extremely honoured to showcase the formidable work of this wonderful couple. We invite you to special opening with the artists to celebrate the Shinju Matsuri festival on Friday 31st August at 6pm.
Short St Gallery in association with Martumili artists is proud to present; Warla: An exploration of the Salt lakes in the Great Sandy Desert, by some of the most exciting emerging artists in the Pilbara region. This show transforms the desert landscape into an exciting sensory overload, filled with beauty and gives a rare insight into the richness of this seemingly barron place. Unfortunately due to the passing of family, the artists are unable to attend due to sorry business, out of respect we will not be doing our opening, however the works be on display from the 3rd August. Please feel free to drop into the gallery to see this fabulous exhibition.
This is a monumental exhibition, featuring some of the finest artists from the Ngaanyatjarra and Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands including Maringka Baker, Barney Wagin, Nyarrapyi Giles, Angkaliya Curtis, Tjampawa Katie Kawiny, Cliff Reid, Harry Tjutjuna, Sandy Brumby, Dickie Minyintiri, Tiger Palpatja, Ginger Wikiyiri, Kathleen Tjapylyi, Carol Maayatja Golding, Sylvia Kanytjupai Ken and many others. It is a celebration of the diversity of representation of shared stories. The works are powerful manifestions of old Tjurkurpa stories that run through the Lands. The wonderful artists here all live in the country they inherited from their ancestors and continue to dance inma passed down for generations. These paintings give an insight into the rich cultural life that is multi faceted and complex that make up this magical part of Australia. A comprehensive exhibition by some of the most exciting artists working in Australia today. Show opens 12th July or can be viewed online at www.shortstgallery.com.
The Philosophy of water highlights the extraordinary diversity and complexity of Yolngu art. Baluka with his classical line and elegant carving confirms his place as an artist of the highest order. The rarity of his works makes this exhibition so exciting. Exhibited next to the dynamic paintings of emerging artist Napawarri and the confident and sophisticated bark works of Galuma, the refreshing and contemporary interpretations of the saltwater landscape and old cultural mythologies of the north are invigorated and courageously redefined in this exhibition. Opens 14th June 2012 at Short St Gallery Broome.
We are very proud to be able to present this joyous exhibition to honour one of the most significant gestural painters in Australia. It was with great sadness that we lost this remarkable woman last year, and the family and Tjungu Palya agreed to allow this exhibition in order to remember her great talent, and important contributions to the desert art movement, which has had massive ramifications in the wider contemporary art market. Short Street Gallery, has shown Mrs Stewart's work since she started painting, and have greatly admired the progressions she has made in her career and her skill with paint. The Gallery is showing these large works, which have converted the space into a 3 dimensional experience of the works. Dominating each wall are these monumental canvases converting the old building into a desert cavern. The sheer size of the canvas makes the viewer feel like they are in one of the many rockholes that she paints so beautifully.
Short St Gallery in association with Mangkaja Arts invites you to celebrate 21 years of contemporary art practice by the unique artists of the Fiztroy Valley and Western Kimberley area. The exhibition, consisting of rare early paper works, opens Thursday 26th April at Short St Gallery in Broome, WA. It is a unique opportunity to view works by artists who are no longer with us, and whose works have shaped a generation of artists. A number of artists and family from Fitzroy will be in Broome for the opening. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are unable to attend but would like to request a price list please contact the gallery for more information.
Short St Gallery is extremely proud to present this wonderful work by three outstanding Yulparija Artists from Bidyadanga, Daniel Walbidi, Jan Billycan and Lydia Balbal. We are also proud to present a selection of works from the estate of the late and great Weaver Jack and Alma Webou. The exhibition opens Thursday 29 March from 6-8 pm. Please join us for a drink to celebrate artwork from the Great Sandy Desert, say good-bye to our fabulous manager Tahnee Roberts and welcome our fabulous new manager Monique O'Neil. All are welcome Price list on request