Current and Past Exhibitions

The Philosophy of water highlights the extraordinary diversity and complexity of Yolngu art. Baluka with his classical line and elegant carving confirms his place as an artist of the highest order. The rarity of his works makes this exhibition so exciting. Exhibited next to the dynamic paintings of emerging artist Napawarri and the confident and sophisticated bark works of Galuma, the refreshing and contemporary interpretations of the saltwater landscape and old cultural mythologies of the north are invigorated and courageously redefined in this exhibition. Opens 14th June 2012 at Short St Gallery Broome.
We are very proud to be able to present this joyous exhibition to honour one of the most significant gestural painters in Australia. It was with great sadness that we lost this remarkable woman last year, and the family and Tjungu Palya agreed to allow this exhibition in order to remember her great talent, and important contributions to the desert art movement, which has had massive ramifications in the wider contemporary art market. Short Street Gallery, has shown Mrs Stewart's work since she started painting, and have greatly admired the progressions she has made in her career and her skill with paint. The Gallery is showing these large works, which have converted the space into a 3 dimensional experience of the works. Dominating each wall are these monumental canvases converting the old building into a desert cavern. The sheer size of the canvas makes the viewer feel like they are in one of the many rockholes that she paints so beautifully.
Short St Gallery in association with Mangkaja Arts invites you to celebrate 21 years of contemporary art practice by the unique artists of the Fiztroy Valley and Western Kimberley area. The exhibition, consisting of rare early paper works, opens Thursday 26th April at Short St Gallery in Broome, WA. It is a unique opportunity to view works by artists who are no longer with us, and whose works have shaped a generation of artists. A number of artists and family from Fitzroy will be in Broome for the opening. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are unable to attend but would like to request a price list please contact the gallery for more information.
Short St Gallery is extremely proud to present this wonderful work by three outstanding Yulparija Artists from Bidyadanga, Daniel Walbidi, Jan Billycan and Lydia Balbal. We are also proud to present a selection of works from the estate of the late and great Weaver Jack and Alma Webou. The exhibition opens Thursday 29 March from 6-8 pm. Please join us for a drink to celebrate artwork from the Great Sandy Desert, say good-bye to our fabulous manager Tahnee Roberts and welcome our fabulous new manager Monique O'Neil. All are welcome Price list on request
Short St Gallery in conjunction with Jilamara Art & Craft is proud to present this extraordinary exhibition of artworks from the Tiwi Islands. The exhibition features artwork from award winning artists, both emerging and established including, Conrad Tipungwati, Brian Farmer, Dymphna Kerinauia, Linus Warlapinni, and Raeline Kerinauia. The exhibition is available to view from Thursday 3rd November. All are welcome
Short St Gallery in conjunction with Tjala Arts is excited to present these beautiful new artworks from Amata Community and it's surrounds. The exhibitions showcases, Tjampawa Katie Kawiny, Sylvia Ken, Wawirya Burton, Hector Burton, Mary Pan, Ginger Wikilyiri, Ruby Wilson, Tjangkara Ken, Mona Shepherd and many other wonderful artists. The exhibition will be available to view from Thursday 6th October, price list on request.
Short St Gallery in association with Warlayirti Artists is proud to present this incredible exhibition featuring new works by three very important female painters from the Balgo region; Eubena Nampitjin, Nora Nungabar and Nora Wompi. The works will be available to veiw from Thursday 15th September 2011. All are welcome.
This is an exciting new exhibition from Tjarlirli artists from Tjukurla Community in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Western Australia. Featuring well known artists Nyarrapyi Giles, Ester Giles and Katjarra Butler, as well works from newer artists, who bring a contemporary interpretation to ancient cultural desert stories. Available for viewing from 6th September at Short St Gallery, Broome.
Short St Gallery is extremely proud to present this rare and exciting work from the Omie Artists of Papua New Guinea. The exhibition celebrates the contemporary expression of nioge (barkcloth). This ancient tradition is practiced exclusively by the Omie women of the Oro Province. Please join us for the opening on Thursday 11th August at 6pm. Brennan King the Omie Artists Manager will also be joining us for a special floor talk on the origins and tradition of this very special art form. All are welcome.
Short St Gallery in association with Tjungu Palya Artists presents this extraordinary and exciting body of work. Some of the most interesting art in the country is coming out of the APY lands at the moment and the Tjungu Palya artists are leading the way with their challenging new interpretations of traditional stories. The exhibition can be veiwed from Thursday 14th July at Short St Gallery in Broome, WA. If you would like to request a price list please contact the gallery for more information.