Current and Past Exhibitions

An exhibition by the Men of Jilamara, including Timothy Cook, Conrad Tipungwuti, Pedro Wonaeamirri, Brian Farmer illortamini, Linus Warlapinni, Raymond Bush, Nicholas Mario, Pius Tipungwuti, Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri and Matthew Freddy Puruntatameri. The show seeks to celebrate the importance of Men's law and its contribution to cultural practice. The carving is very physical work, and has a long history at Snake bay and it continues to be passed from one generation to the next. The painting traditions such as combing onto the canvas, made so famous by Pedro Wanaeamirri, also continues to be utilised and explored in new and exciting ways.
Short St Gallery is proud to bring to the coast these epic iconic desert paintings from the APY lands. This survey exhibition features works from; Tuppy Goodwin, Ngupulya Pumani, Kathleen Tjapalyi, Robert Fielding, Joanne Wintjin, Judy Martin, Marina Pumani, Betty Pumani, Mike Williams and Linda Puna. The wonderful diversity of these artists works from the remote community of Mimili in South Australia is self evident. Journey through the desert, exploring the intricate overlaying of Goodwin, to the graphic desert stuctures of Pumani (Betty) and the gestural painterly images of Puna, which are contrasted to the highly structured works of Fielding. This is a multi faceted experience of current desert painting.
Maps may have led me to become a traveller and perhaps even an artist so I see art and cartographer as rather close friends and I often mingle the two. Mud maps are those fast squiggles in the earth people create to describe directions to a place and I actually use the red mud or pindan earth from Broome as a coloring in this series of work. The grid pattern in mapping is a tool to dissect, abstract and an attempt to control terrain. On top of the grids I overlay my wandering stitches that hint of routes, tracks, roads or just desires to go someplace.
Short St Gallery is proud to present this wonderfully quirky exhibition from three of the most interesting and exciting artists working at the moment. Living in Indulkana in the APY lands in South Australia, these desert men are exploring the interplay between traditional cultural life and the modern world. For them it is a seamless reality. The traditional mamu spirits are reminiscent of modern cartoon characters. While the languid cowboys in Jimmy Pomey's paintings could be straight out of spagetti westerns. Enjoy these fabulous pictures.
An exhibition from Australia's oldest remote art centre. Established in 1948. The Ernabella artists have a strong tradition of ceramics, this juxtaposed with classic paintings reinterpreted through colour. This is a survey exhibition from central Australia featuring works by Gordon Ingkatji, Langaliki Langaliki, Pantjiti Lionel, Tjunkaya Tapaya, Yurpiya Lionel, Tjariya (Nungalka) Stanley, Yurpiya Lionel and Pepai Carroll.
An exhibition by Bernard Tjalkuri and Ginger Wikilyiri featuring emerging artists from Tjungu Palya Art Centre. Including Bradley Tunkin, Clarise Tunkin, Marita Baker and Anyupa Stevens. The intricate complexity of the painting techniques of the old men, contrasts with the vibrant energy of the younger generation, who are exploring their own interpretation of country and cultural heritage.
This exhibition from Amata community, highlights the complex and diverse interpretations of country and culture. From the intensely majestic works of Sylvia Ken, to the exuberantly gestural paintings by Barbara Moore. The common link is geography and shared stories, uniquely depicted by each different artist. Featuring Mick Wikilyiri, Ray Ken, Freddy Ken, Rini Tiger, Sylvia Ken, Wawiriya Burton, Tjimpayi Presley, Yaritji Young and Barbara Moore.
An exhibition that explores the coast around East ArnhemLand. With works from the formidable Garawan Wanambi, his wife Manini Gumana, and Lamangirra #2 Gumana (aka Losa). These finely raarked works explore the relationship of the deeper waters with the coast. Deep water has many states, these can reveal theselves when interacting with the sacred waters running from the land. The Yolgnu have a deep understanding of this interplay, and it is an entrenched part of the rich cultural history and law that occurs around Garrapara (Manini and Losa's country) and Raymangirr (Garawan's Country).
This breathtaking exhibition explores the culturally important Garnkiny Ngarranggarni (Moon Story). The Garnkiny story outlines the beginning of time, and when death first came to man. It is the foundation story of Kija existence, and cultural life. Mabel Juli has been painting this story for a number of years. In this breakthrough exhibition we see many of the other important artists from Warmun, painting this story for the first time. Please visit www.shortstgallery.com to view this exhibition.
All works under $2000, this is a special exhibition full of wonderful ideas for Christmas. Joyously uplifting works, prints and paintings from all over Australia. Celebrate our wonderful country, and its diverse landscape, while giving a fabulously unique gift for Christmas. This is an online exhibition, full of great ideas to help take the stress out of Christmas shopping. Enjoy!!