Current and Past Exhibitions

An exhibition of recent Bidyadanga works. Artists include Donald Moko, Weaver Jack, Bertha Linty, Alma (Kalaju) Webou, Sally (Liki) Nannii, Margaret Barragurra, Maya Marta, Jan Billycan and Daniel Walbidi opening 23rd November 2004 @ Mary Place Gallery, 12 Mary Place Paddington. All queries to emily@shortstgallery.com
Husband and wife teams Spider & Dolly Snell and Peter Skipper & Mona Jukuna both married out of law. 'Broken Promises' features works by these four Mangkaja artists who married for love.
Indigenous artists from across the north of WA, each with a passion to tell their stories of a particular place or a single land form.
Recent large works by the Bidyadanga artists, Donald Moko, Weaver Jack, Mary Meribida, Margaret Baragurra, Bertha Linty, Daniel Walbidi, Alma Webou, Georgina Walbidi and Sally Liki Nanii.
In honour of the often forgotten figurative style made famous by Queenie McKenzie.
An exhibition of recent works from the Yulparitja and Mangala artists from Bidyadanga. This shows a progression in the artists works since the first show in November. This will be shown in Perth in January.