Current and Past Exhibitions

Short St Gallery and Tjungu Palya bring you this beautiful and rich exhibition. In the past two years since it's incorporation Tjungu Palya has grown into a dynamic and innovative community art centre. Located 100kms south of Uluru in the majestic Mann Ranges in Pitjantjatjara Lands. Many of the artists are very well know, all of the artists represented in this exhibition create proud and beautiful art works. The show opens on the 18th July at 6pm, all are welcome to attend. Please contact the gallery with any enquiries.
Short St Gallery in association with Kayili Arts presents this 2008 Kayili survey show featuring outstanding works from a selection of emerging and established artists including, Jacki Giles, Ngipi Ward, Nancy Carnegie, Pulpurru Davies, Fred Ward and many more. Opens 27th June @ 6pm, all are welcome to attend or the exhibtion can be viewed on line.
Short St Gallery is proud to present a survey show of recent works from the Maninrida Arts & Culture Centre. The show features a range of established artists and exciting new artists working in a variety of the mediums that Maningrida is renowned for, including barks, fibre works and sculptural pieces. The show open on the 9th May 2008 at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.
Opens: Friday 11th April @ 6pm Short St Gallery, Chinatown Broome, All Welcome A beautiful exhibition of recent works by many of Papunya Tula Artists' most revered painters including Makinti Napanangka, Walangkura Napanangka , Charlie Tjapangati, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa and many others. It is an exhibition of smaller gems. Papunya Tula Artists is one of the oldest art centres in the country, with many of their artists exhibiting since the 1970's. The work from Papunya Tula Artists is extremely sought after with many of the aritsts in national and international collections. This exhibition showcases a cross section of works including some exciting newer artists.
This is an extraordinary solo exhibition by Lydia Balbal. It is her first ever solo exhibition and tracks her story of migration from her traditional desert country to Bidyadanga on the North West Coast. Lydia is part of the Balbal family who walked out of the desert in 1974. This group were the last of the "first contact" people left in Australia. Lydia's work is a reflection of her close relationshiop to her traditional country She is a dynamic painter and amazing colourist.
Short St Gallery in association with Yulparitja Artists is proud to present YULPARIJA - NEW WORK ON BOARD The exhibition showcases recent works from the Yulparitja Artists from Bidyadanga The exhibition opens 17th November 2007 @ 6pm All welcome to attend
Short St Gallery proudly presents Daniel Walbidi's first solo show in Sydney @ Mary Place, Paddington. All welcome to attend 28th Novemeber 2007 @ 6 pm
Short St Gallery in association with Warmun Art presents, Mabel Juli solo at Mary Place Gallery in Paddington, Sydney, NSW. All welcome to attend. Opening on the 28th November 2007 @ 6 pm. Artists Statement - 3 days before leaving for her solo show @ Mary Place: I'm feeling pretty good. I like going to exhibitions, going to Sydney, feels good....I like painting; make me busy. It's good to do painting all the time; work every morning, every morning, every day. Sometimes Patrick (Mung Mung) and his wife (Betty Carrington) come painting, sometime Nancy (Nodea). Sometimes Nora (Nagarra) come for painting. Some people do painting in the community. Like old Madigan (Thomas). Sometimes Evelyn (Malgil). When he finish, he bring painting back. I'm always busy - finish work, the painting, go home. Go to council meeting, go to court (as an elder). I got to make money to get tucker for my grandchildren. I still think about Aunty (Queenie McKenzie, who taught her to paint). When I do paintings. She tell me about stories.
Short St Gallery in association with Warlayirti Arts presents Purkitji, new works by Boxer Milner, Hanson Pye and Frank Clancy Opens 20/10/2007 @ 6pm All welcome to attend