Current and Past Exhibitions

Short St Gallery presents an exhibition by Alison Nampitjinpa Anderson. This collection of artworks showcases Alison's continued dedication to her art practice and connection to the traditional stories and culture that are depicted within her paintings. This widely collected artist hails from Haasts Bluff in the Western Desert and was brought up by her Luritja-Pintupi mother and Warlpiri father at Papunya settlement. Her hand is influenced by the beginnings of the western desert art movement which she experienced first hand as a young girl, working first for Papunya Tula artists, then the Warumpi and Ngurratjuta art centres. Alison's artworks are an insight into the power of her country and what lies within it. Each painting tells a specific story that comes alive with the colours of the desert and the depth of its night sky. We invite you to join us in viewing the exhibition and experience a connection to the artist's land and cultural heritage. OPENS FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2018.
Omie Artists Inc have consistently shown their commitment to culture and integrity. The Omie artists efforts to keep their culture alive while providing for their community are astonishing. Their noige (barkcloth) show this commitment in its outstanding quality and storylines. Since their inception they have gained followers internationally and nationally and have been placed in many significant collections. Each artist has access to their design through a traditional pathway that acts as a copyright system within Omie culture, reflecting an artists family and clan. The noige are traditionally worn and produced by the women of Omie and are still an integral part of everyday life and important ceremonies. It is a labour intensive process, from the harvesting of the bark, to beating the bark in the river until it is soft and flat, to sourcing natural dyes from the environment and then creating the artwork on the finished cloth. Short St Gallery has great respect for the Omie artists' dedication to continuing this creative tradition and are proud to present this showcase collection of artwork from the Omie Artists Inc. Please join us to view the exhibition from November 2, 2018.
Tjungu Palya's small group of highly sought after and talented artists have steadily increased their national and international reputation since the art centre opened in 2008. The scale and quality of the artwork that emerges from the Tjungu Palya communities is testament to the artist's strong artistic sensibility and ability to interpret their culture and country in a contemporary context. The results are intricate and accomplished. Short St Gallery seeks to showcase the best of 2018, showcasing emerging works and established artists, together with the power of the collaborative works of the Watarru community and the Woods family. Please join us to view this dynamic exhibition. OPENS FRIDAY OCTOBER 12, 2018
An exhibition by Daniel Walbidi and Matthew Johnson. Both artists share an understanding of the complexities of colour and this combined with a shared passion for fishing, started a conversation a number of years ago which has culminated in this exhibition. Essentially this is a long running conversation about work, abstraction, painting, colour and the natural environment. Matthew is an abstract painter influenced by light and the atmosphere of the natural environment, especially the relationship to where water meets other elements that is, shorelines, sky, horizon, clouds. He says, "many of these observations become the subject matter of my paintings….and it is the constant observation of nature that informs my visual language". Daniel is a traditional desert man, whose family ended up living on the coast, so the saltwater life has defined and influenced him since birth. His use of colour has always been informed by this landscape, his subject matter is firmly embedded in his cultural desert history. Short St Gallery is very excited to present these two extraordinary artists and celebrate shared values and passions, proving that art transcends culture and great art defines it. This exhibition will be available to view in the gallery from September 20 - October 11. PLEASE JOIN SHORT ST GALLERY & THE ARTISTS TO OPEN THE EXHIBITION @ 6 PM FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2018, ALL WELCOME.
Short St Gallery presents Pampa Tjilpi Art. This translates to old lady, old man art. The exhibition brings together a diverse and vibrant interpretation of country from senior artists from the communities of Warakurna, Patjarr and Wanarn. Many of the artworks have been created as result of the painting therapy program at Wanarn and the outreach workshops with the artists at Kayili. The artists featured in the exhibition are renowned for their innovative and dynamic storytelling. They use paint as an important vehicle for cultural expression, ensuring the maintenance of their sacred stories and largely unwritten histories. The artists featured have a long art practice history and a loyal and celebrated following including luminaries such as, Neville McArthur, Elaine Lane, Nola Campbell, Manupa Butler and many more. We also take this moment to honour the life of Mrs E Giles. Her legacy lives on in her superb paintings of country and home. Please join us to view this extraordinary exhibition. Opens 24 August 2018, all welcome.
Short St Gallery presents Ngura Kunpu (Strong Country), featuring artists from Indulkana and their representations of country. Indulkana is approximately 400 kilometres from Alice Springs on the banks of Iwantja Creek. The exhibition explores the multifaceted nature of Ngura (country). Ngura is defined not just by geography and nature but also as the place that someone belongs. The artworks in the exhibition are rich in desert colours and the intricacies of the individual artists - family, connection, skin group and language. The paintings reflect the richness of this strong country with their use of colour, form and incredible attention to detail. The strength of the exhibition is in the experienced hands of the artists and the magnificent artwork they have created. Ngura Kunpu continues Short St Gallerys tradition of showcasing these talented artists, including artwork by Peter Mungkari, Nellie Coulthard, Betty Muffler, Alec Baker, Vicki Cullen and contemporaries. OPENS FRIDAY 3, AUGUST 2018.
Mabel Juli (bush name Wiringgoon) was born in the bush at Barlinyin, Western Australia in 1929. Following in the footsteps of Rover Thomas, Mabel Juli began painting in the 1980’s alongside celebrated artists Queenie McKenzie and Madigan Thomas. The women used to watch Rover Thomas paint and one day he said to them, 'You try yourself, you might make good painting yourself.' Mabel became a dedicated, innovative artist who continues to champion the Gija palette by mixing ochres and natural pigments on canvas. She primarily paints the Ngarranggarni (dreaming) stories of her Darrajayin (country), which is covered largely by Springvale Station. She has a long history as an exhibiting artist, with her work sitting in major public and private collections. Short St Gallery's last solo exhibition with Mabel Juli was in 2007 and her work has been included in many group shows since. It has been a privilege to work with Mabel Juli for many years and be a part of her legacy. Short St Gallery is honoured to present a solo exhibition from this accomplished and celebrated Australian artist. OPENS JULY 6 @ 6PM, JOIN SHORT ST GALLERY & MABEL JULI TO OPEN THE EXHIBITION, ALL WELCOME.
Short St Gallery presents, Amata Imagined, an exhibition that focuses on the shared link of geography and culture. All the artists featured in this exhibition are from Amata community in the APY Lands of inland Australia. The artists are known for their diverse range of styles, energetic mark making and rich colourful palette. The artworks explore the Tjukurpa (stories, dreaming) and geography of the region to create paintings that captivate the audience and highlight complex and diverse interpretations of country and culture. There is a special collection of work within this exhibition, including Mick Wikilyiri, Ray Ken and Brenton Ken. Complimentary to the men's work are the majestic work of female painters such as Sylvia Ken, Barbara Moore, Wawiriya Burton, Yaritji Young and associates. Opens June 8, 2018.
Short St Gallery presents Living Water, a collection of new works on perspex from the Fitzroy Valley. This wonderful medium has been embraced by senior and rising artists from Mangkaja Arts to create some extraordinary work. It breaks new ground in their art practice and in their depiction of country. The high quality perspex adds a lustre, luminescence and saturation of colour to the artwork that echoes the natural lustre of the water sources, jila (living water) and desert landscape that are the artists subject matter. We are honoured to present this beautiful exhibition featuring paintings by Tommy May, Lisa Uhl, Sonia Kurarra, Daisy Japulija, Rosie King and the late great Mrs Uhl. OPENS MAY 10 2018.
The strength of the Mimili community and art movement lies in the ability to work together - Uwankara meaning everyone together. The artists using the power of Mimili culture, combined with an innate sense of the form and movement of paint, have created a name for themselves that has reached far from their remote community and pushed boundaries on what remote community artists can achieve. Working together they have created some astounding artworks since their inception. This exhibition expands on these achievements with stellar works from high profile artists and rising stars. In the spirit of working together we are also proud to present two very special collaborations from husband and wife teams - Mumu Mike Williams & Tuppy Goodwin and Willy Muntjantji Martin & Judy Martin. Short St Gallery invites you to delve into the richness and warmth that is Uwankaragka Tjungungku Palyantja : Together All Is Well. OPENS 12 APRIL 2018