Short St Gallery presents an exhibition by Alison Nampitjinpa Anderson. This collection of artworks showcases Alison's continued dedication to her art practice and connection to the traditional stories and culture that are depicted within her paintings. This widely collected artist hails from Haasts Bluff in the Western Desert and was brought up by her Luritja-Pintupi mother and Warlpiri father at Papunya settlement. Her hand is influenced by the beginnings of the western desert art movement which she experienced first hand as a young girl, working first for Papunya Tula artists, then the Warumpi and Ngurratjuta art centres. Alison's artworks are an insight into the power of her country and what lies within it. Each painting tells a specific story that comes alive with the colours of the desert and the depth of its night sky. We invite you to join us in viewing the exhibition and experience a connection to the artist's land and cultural heritage. OPENS FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2018.