The strength of the Mimili community and art movement lies in the ability to work together - Uwankara meaning everyone together. The artists using the power of Mimili culture, combined with an innate sense of the form and movement of paint, have created a name for themselves that has reached far from their remote community and pushed boundaries on what remote community artists can achieve. Working together they have created some astounding artworks since their inception. This exhibition expands on these achievements with stellar works from high profile artists and rising stars. In the spirit of working together we are also proud to present two very special collaborations from husband and wife teams - Mumu Mike Williams & Tuppy Goodwin and Willy Muntjantji Martin & Judy Martin. Short St Gallery invites you to delve into the richness and warmth that is Uwankaragka Tjungungku Palyantja : Together All Is Well. OPENS 12 APRIL 2018