Coniston by Grace Kemarre Robinya

Details of Coniston

Catalog Number : 841175
Size : 46cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
For Sale : Contact Short St Gallery
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About Coniston
Coniston, boys training football, throwing the ball to each other and the girls running around, chasing everywhere, here and there (pana-pan)... dogs standing watch. Three humpies with old women sitting inside. Old men on side, and old women the other. In the middle [of the women], two billies boiling tea here on the fire. All the men seated on chairs in corner, outside the worker’s house, awa, tea’s boiling again, talking about cattle, bullock, mustering tomorrow. Smoking cigarettes, one man said ‘I don’t want to smoke, I got a sore chest, I’m sick, I don’t want to smoke!’ Big fat person sitting next to men’s fire, watching billy cans boiling. Big mob of women going to look for fish in river and one little girl swinging from tree branch. Another 2 men [above footy players] smoking cigarette, cigarette, cigarette, sharing one another. Drunken men fighting too, they drink a little bit. Winter time, mustering time.