Red Papa Tjuta by Margaret Kunmanara Nampitjinpa Boko

Details of Red Papa Tjuta

Catalog Number : 841174
Size : 89.5cm x 124.5cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Red Papa Tjuta
'This painting is about red papa tjuta (Lots of Red Dogs).
Red papa tjuta there and tjulpu maru tjuta, (lots of black birds - crows) playing in the sky, lots of people are sitting down at family outstation, M'Bunghara. Papa tjuta stopping with them there too. Sometimes papa sitting down in chairs, and lots of tjitji (kids) playing, jumping on our cars! They remind me of that Red Dog, you know, that one in the film? I love that one now. He makes me laugh and little bit sad, too. But then, maybe he met a girlfriend? They say he travelled everywhere! Maybe he came to M'Bunghara? Maybe that's where all these red papa come from, from that Red Dog. They made that film telling his story, but they didn't know everything about what he did, where he went. Maybe? Palya...'