Windmill - First Contact by Linda Syddick

Details of Windmill - First Contact

Windmill - First Contact by Linda Syddick
Catalog Number : 841171
Size : 59cm x 91.3cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Windmill - First Contact
In this painting Linda explores one of her many themes - Windmill - first contact. This story relates to when she was a small child walking out of the Gibson Desert in the west, with her mother, adoptive father Shorty Lungkata Tjungarrayi, and another Senior Law Man and his two wives during a severe drought. They walked to Haasts Bluff ration depot run by the Lutheran Missionaries. When not far from community, they awoke to see and hear a windmill for the first me. While Lungkata, more widely travelled, knew what the windmill was, the other Senior Law Man threw his spears at the Mamu [monster], while his wives fled in terror. Eventually, Lungkata was able to calm the man and the group. However, the moment remains etched in Linda's memory, and is a recurring theme in her work.