Kirriwirri by Daniel Walbidi

Details of Kirriwirri

Kirriwirri by Daniel Walbidi
Catalog Number : 839654
Size : 60cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Kirriwirri
Daniel says: 'Kirriwirri' is my grandfather's and grandmother's country. That is where they bought up all their children, and where my father was bought up. It is like their family home, their roots. There is big claypan at this place, it is an important place for our family. Our clan is also named Kirriwirri, and individual members of our clan clan are named 'Kirriwirri'.

Kirriwirri is a jila (living water) near well 33 on the Canning stock route in the Great Sandy Desert. Daniel's painting reflects the complex desert landscape full of life and colour. He depicts saltlakes (white areas) and the talis (sandhills) Kiriwirri is the birthplace of my fathers family it is the family home. my father along with his older siblings spent their childhood and adolescents here. Kiriwirri is also important to many other family and clan groups because it is a living jila meaning it has water that never dries out even during the dryest of seasons. i have never been to Kiriwirri but i have a deep desire with in to travel and see this country to become connected. my grandparents have sadly passed away a longtime ago so i guess if i ever do go back to Kiriwirri i would be taking a part of them back. i also paint another important place called wirnpa. wirnpa and kiriwirri are very important to me because i am related to two of these jila. Kiriwirri is my grandfather and Wirnpa is my grandfather they also related to each other being brother in laws. Wirnpa is of the same skin group as me we are both Purungu and Kiriwirri is the Milangka skin group.