Rain Dreaming Tjukurrpa by Alison Anderson

Details of Rain Dreaming Tjukurrpa

Rain Dreaming Tjukurrpa by Alison Anderson
Catalog Number : 839510
Size : 90cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Rain Dreaming Tjukurrpa
This is a depiction of the rain dreaming or Tjukurrpa which begins from the waterhole site of Mikanji in the desert west of Yuendumu and is here visualised in rather dynamic fashion in its flow across the landscape. The square marks represent the cells of life energy quickening and the reborn activity in the country as the rain falls on the ground. The dark 'gap' lines like crevasses running between the squares are the lightning associated with the initial stormy rains, and paradoxically suggest the links of the water story cycles with fire. The straight lines refer to the desert dunes in the extensive sandhill country west of Yuendumu, and the voids are sites of sacred significance. The serpentine border lines between the two distinct types of field in the painting delineate the movement of the rain and the way its front links the sacred places in the narrative and their attendant dances. All this material is the possession of the Nangala/Tjangala and Nampitjinpa/Tjampitjinpa subsections: the painting goes with an important song cycle and its ceremonial procedures.