Nyapari Tjukurpa by Keith Stevens

Details of Nyapari Tjukurpa

Nyapari Tjukurpa by Keith Stevens
Catalog Number : 839348
Size : 100cm x 120cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Nyapari Tjukurpa
Kuka mamu; there's an animal crouching down there in Nyapari. Two men making (tjara) sheilds. They go to hunt that kuka by spearing him. Share with family and then we go down to Watarru way. Family sitting down the bottom rock hole (Iwarawara). There's plenty of water there.
Keith Stevens is a senior Pitjantjara man born in the far north of Sa at Granite Downs station where his parents were working in the 1940's. Following his parents footsteps he was mustering at an early age and had no schooling until moving to Ernabella mission. Keith;s family would travel for weekends to their traditional homelands of Piltati and Iwarrawarra. Keith's father eventually sat down with his family close to Piltati creek at what is now Nyapari community. Keith is a respected senior man in traditional law and a strong community leader. "Today Keith is a man of both worlds. A highly respected traditional law man and a skilled painter of the Tjukurpa in the modern medium of acrylics. His careful application of thick rich colour in intricate patterning creates a three dimensional moulded topography of the Piltati plateau and gully.