Kalaya Tjuta by Bernard Tjalkuri

Details of Kalaya Tjuta

Kalaya Tjuta by Bernard Tjalkuri
Catalog Number : 839345
Size : 100cm x 120cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Kalaya Tjuta
Kalaya tjuta (many emus) travelling to Watarru from Kanpi. Other emus from Western Australia are also heading there. There are hundreds, even thousands of emus. They sit down near the rockholes for rest, looking for mina (water). Kalaya winki mulapa (so many of them) and they are a sight to see. It's only the men for this story, a big men's story.
Bernard was born in the bush at Waltja rockhole close to the homeland of Kunumata in the far north west of the Piltantjatjara Lands of Northern South Australia in 1930. Bernard's mother's country is Watarru and his father's place is Aparatjara, which is located near Kanpi community.