Nyangatja Watarru by Beryl Jimmy

Details of Nyangatja Watarru

Nyangatja Watarru by Beryl Jimmy
Catalog Number : 839336
Size : 180cm x 200cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Nyangatja Watarru
Nyangatja Watarru (this is a place called Watarru). Watarru is my home. This is Anangu tjuta (many Anangu (people)). Anangu tjuta are moving around, moving between waterholes and creeks, and looking for food. They go out in the daytime, looking around that country, looking through the bush. They look for food and bring what they find back to the kids at the camp. When the water finishes at one place, they move on to the next waterhole. If there's no water, they keep walking until they find something. Knowing where to find the water is special knowledge. There is water in a lot of unlikely places. There are creeks, waterholes, rockholes, soakages, and springs. Kapi wiru (good water).
Beryl Jimmy is a Pitjantjatjara woman living at the community settlement of Watarru in the far north west of South Australia, part of an area refered to as the Western Desert. She was born in 1970.