Kuru Ala by Ruth Fatt

Details of Kuru Ala

Kuru Ala by Ruth Fatt
Catalog Number : 839334
Size : 150cm x 100cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Kuru Ala
This is Kuru Ala a sacred place for the Kungkarrakalpa (Seven Sister's story). Minyma tjuta kapiku nyinanyi. The sisters were sitting around the rockhole. There was a kuniya (python) inside. "Kwarila ngalkunyi kuka wiru mulapa" kangkuru kuniya on the fire. But that wasn't really a kuniya but the man Wati Nyiru who had changed his form into that of a snake. He chased the women all across the desert trying to get the elder sister to be his wife.
Ruth was born in the bush at Granite Downs cattle station around 1960 where her parents were working as a station hand. Her father's country is Kampurarpapiti in Western Australia and her mothers place is Tjalinyla close to Tjuntjuntjara(Spinifex country) also in Western Australia. Ruth's grandfather had three wives, as was common for traditional Pitjantjatara men. Ruth's grandmother was the fist wife. Wingu Tingima was the third wife and culturally one of Ruth's grandmothers.