Martakulu by Lydia Balbal

Details of Martakulu

Martakulu by Lydia Balbal
Catalog Number : 838769
Size : 90cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Martakulu
Martakulu is a soak out near Punmu near the Canning Stock Route in the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia. It is strong womans country, it is part of the women's law line. Long time ago a law man he come up to this country, he went home and left his wife and baby. They make him fire and sit down, cook mayi (bush food) and then started to cry for her husband. Her tears made that soak. It is important country this one.

Lydia says "I been young girl walked all around here with my mummy and daddy. We camp and hunt here."