Rorono hano'e by Jessy-Rose Evovo (Cubaitori)

Details of Rorono hano'e

Catalog Number : 838762
Size : 92cm x 60cm
Medium : Natural Pigments On Nioge (barkcloth)
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About Rorono hano'e
Gusiraje clan design of the Roron'e plant.
Jessy-Rose has painted a very old design that she inherited from her great-grandmother (her father's mother), Go'ovino. Go'ovino belonged to the Gusiraje' clan and lived in the old village of Enope' before it was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Huvaimo (Mount Lamington) in 1951. The design is called roron'e plant that grows on dry land. When a man kills a cassowary he breaks the leaf of the roron'e and places it in his hair. When the man returns to the village, all of the village people and Chiefs know that the man has had a successful cassowary hunt.