Tagure' by Celestine Warina

Details of Tagure'

Tagure' by Celestine Warina
Catalog Number : 838739
Size : 140cm x 63cm
Medium : Natural Pigments On Nioge (barkcloth)
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About Tagure'
Tagure' (shiha'e,udane une, sabu'ahe ohu'o cobbure jo'o si'o ve'e).

Old tree rotting with new, small plants growing from it 0Fruit of the Shie tree, eegs of the Giant Spiny Stick Insect, spots of the wood-boring grub and pattern of a snake lip).
Celestine has painted traditional Sahuote clan designs.
The lines that run through the painting are known as orriseege or pathways and provide a compositional framework for the design.
The main design is tagure, representing new, small plants growing out from an old tree which has fallen and its trunk is rotting on the forrest floor.
The short lines that run parallel through the orriseege are udane une, the eggs of the Giant Spiny Stick insect (Eurycantha Calcarata)/
The spots within the orriseege is a design called sabu ahe, representing the spots which can be seen on the sides of a wood-boring grub. This grub is sacred to Omie people as it plays an important part within the creation story of how Huvaimo (Mt Lamington) came to be volcanic. It is a traditional soru'e (tattoo design) which was most commonly tattooed as a band of spots under each eye. Today is it applied to Omie people's faces for dance performances with natural pigments.
The lines that run diagonally edge to edge through the orriseege are cobbure jo o si'o ve'e, the pattern of the snake's mouth.