Ara Irititja,nganampa ngura by Alison Munti Riley

Details of Ara Irititja,nganampa ngura

Ara Irititja,nganampa ngura by Alison Munti Riley
Catalog Number : 838228
Size : 170cm x 85cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Ara Irititja,nganampa ngura
This is a depiction of the artists' country, in older days. It shows people living in the old way, with strong culture,strong country, and strong law. People lived in wiltjas and were nomadic. There were many beautiful waterholes, grasses, plants, flowers, birds and animals, and plenty of mai putija - bush food. Then strangers came, and introduced changes like buffalo grass. This plant has been bad for the native grasses, flowers and fruit. It is changing the country and making people sad for the old days. 'Our country use to have all good flowers, when we walked in the bush looking for tucker, our feet would be covered in yellow and green,purple, lots of colours you know. When we go out now we look for those good flowers, we think back and it makes us sad. Even the birds are still looking for those good flowers, and the ants are looking for those good flowers.' This country is the backdrop here for Tjitjiku Tjukurpa, a story which takes place in the country north of Uluru. Kutungu is a woman about which many stories are told. In this particular part of the tale, Kutungu, now the mother of many children, is travelling with them on a long journey by foot. On the way she has gathered vast amounts of bush foods, particularly kampurarpa (bush tomatoes), and is carrying them in her piti on her head. The children become very homesick on this journey far from familiar places and refuse to continue on.