Ngura (Country) by Alec Baker

Details of Ngura (Country)

Ngura (Country) by Alec Baker
Catalog Number : 838196
Size : 122cm x 152cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngura (Country)
Alec Baker's paintings and drawings map out the experienced story of his country. Alec draws on ancestry tjukurpa (stories),personal memories, and a rich lifetime spent travelling across vast desert lands as a stock man and cultural law man.
Alec’s detailed works reflects topographic map like imagery, utilising traditional dotting techniques and a tactile palette to highlight and define forms and spaces within the landscape, outlining a strong sense of place within Alec's drawings."I teach my grandchildren the stories and knowledge about our culture, our land, Yankunytjatjara land. I paint my memories of country, I try to make the paintings strong, holding all the memories and keeping it strong."