Ngura (Country) by Peter Mungkuri

Details of Ngura (Country)

Ngura (Country) by Peter Mungkuri
Catalog Number : 838176
Size : 152cm x 198cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngura (Country)
Tangled with energy and flowing movement, Mungkuri’s paintings shimmer with romanticism and erudite recounts of country.Sweeping and inky pathways linked loosely together, connect a myriad of softly dotted rings, evoking a landscape abundant with hidden water holes.
Tender and boldly constructed trees spring up between interlocking rolls of mountain ranges, hinting towards the waves of a sand swept desert. Bordering the artwork with structured branches and pathways, Mungkuri creates a vantage point of peering into the drawing, viewing as if through a window.
"I've got good knowledge of horses, stockmen, the country. These things, everything, is my memory - my knowledge. I like painting country, I like to paint the memories of my country."