Iwantja Springs by Judith Walkabout

Details of Iwantja Springs

Iwantja Springs by Judith Walkabout
Catalog Number : 838146
Size : 122cm x 152cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Iwantja Springs
Judith's paintings capture the beauty and movement of the Iwantja Springs found in the heart of the majestic Indulkana Ranges, that lay just behind the community. After heavy rains the deep tjukula (rockhole,) fills with fresh water, forging streams along the dry Iwantja creek bed. The dense bush-land in the area comes to life shooting up new seedlings and bringing plants to flower.
Judith's paintings capture this joyous and peaceful place, her artworks are evocative of the plant life and tangled scrub that secludes the Iwantja Springs, it is a place of tranquil vitality