Wati Malu by Linda Syddick

Details of Wati Malu

Wati Malu by Linda Syddick
Catalog Number : 838074
Size : 90.5cm x 120cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Wati Malu
This painting is about Wati Malu or Kangaroo Man, an important Tjukurrpa for Men's Law and Ceremony across the Western and Gibson Deserts, and also for Linda's father, Shorty Lungkata Tjungarrayi. Wati Malu travels all through the Country from the North West, to the South East, including around Lake Mackay and Lake McDonald, the Country held by Linda's father. Here he is painted at Warlukirritji [the black roundel near the centre of the painting, with spear and #7 boomerang.
The Wati Malu Ancestor travels from the North West through the Gibson and Western Deserts, as part of the Tingarri Cycle. He eventually travels with the Euro and the Nightjar Ancestors, but in his long and circuitous journeys he interacts with the other great Ancestral Beings, such as Wirnpa, the Rainmaker, often portrayed as a Rainbow Serpent, and Wati Katjarra [Two Men] . These men are often known as Two Goanna or Two Lizard Men, though most Ancestral Beings are able to shape shift, and are therefore sometimes referred to by their section or skin name instead. All these and many others are associated with the Tingarri Ceremonial Cycle to this day. Wati Malu has many adventures through his travels. For example, at Tjamu Tjamu, east of Kiwirrkurra, there is rockhole. The Wati Malu came down from the north towards the rockhole and found a group of Ancestral Women. By Section or Skin, the women were his sisters, aunties, mothers and grandmothers. However, the cheeky Wati Malu wanted them all to be his wives. He called to the ladies to come and camp with him. They wanted to call him TjampuTjampu (grandfather, grandson), but he wanted to be called Kurril Kurril (keep as a spouse someone who is not eligible), which is the name given to a rockhole at this place. Following the events that take place at Kurril Kurril, Wati Malu continues his travels to place such as Tjutalpi, Witunkuntja, Wirti, Makarra, Millmillpa, Kurryl, and many more.