Untitled by Alison Anderson

Details of Untitled

Untitled by Alison Anderson
Catalog Number : 838037
Size : 120cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Untitled
"The painting deals with the rain Tjukurrpa cycle that has as its initial focus the waterholes of Mikanji and Kalinpinypa, well known to enthusiasts of desert art as subjects of paintings through the early work of Johnny Warangkula." This particular scene depicted by AA represents both a particular event in the cycle and the ceremony commemorating and enlivening that event: the moment when the brown hawk buries the rain from Mikanji and Kalinpinypa under the ground at a locality named Puuru, with the intention of making more rain, multiplying the rain at a later stage. This is the reason why, in the dance associated with this point in the cycle, the dancing women carry feathers and hold them above their heads and shake them, and why a single dancer, representing the hawk, is lying on the sand making burying motions. It is a cycle that is the special charge of the Nangala/Tjangala and Nampitjinpa/Tjampitjinpa subsections.