Billabongs by Daisy Japulija

Details of Billabongs

Billabongs by Daisy Japulija
Catalog Number : 837800
Size : 60cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Polycarbonate
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About Billabongs
Daisy is a descendent of the Walmajarri who moved north from the desert in the first half of the last century, her parents settling at Noonkoonbah. Daisy was born there by the banks of the Fitzroy River. She lived there with her husband, and also at Ngalingkadji. Daisy now lives at the Guwardi Ngardu aged care with her sister Sonia. Her paintings display an array of motifs associated with the river and floodwater billabongs integral the landscape and culture of the Fitzroy Valley.