Ngargaroon Country by Patrick Mung Mung

Details of Ngargaroon Country

Ngargaroon Country by Patrick Mung Mung
Catalog Number : 837789
Size : 80cm x 60cm
Medium : Natural Ochre And Pigments On Canvas
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About Ngargaroon Country
Patrick has painted the landscapes of his country known as Ngarrgaroon (Texas Station) that is located East of Warmun Community. The hill (coloured in black) located on the far left area of artwork is a dreaming place, Patrick explains in Kriol- e, 'got a big hole in the ground along these lot of hills, inside e got biggest mob Werrerrele' (meaning blow flies). When Patrick was a young man he worked on Texas Station- Mustering Cattle. He grew up also on Texas, this is his country.