Booljoonngali by Phyllis Thomas

Details of Booljoonngali

Booljoonngali by Phyllis Thomas
Catalog Number : 837782
Size : 70cm x 45cm
Medium : Natural Ochre And Pigments On Canvas
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About Booljoonngali
The vertical or horizontal lines that feature in Phyllis Thomas' Gemerre works represent scarification marks made on the body during ceremony. During such ceremonies incisions are made on a participants arm, leg, chest or stomach, ash is rubbed into the incisions to encourage scar tissue to grow and accentuate the mark. Gemerre signify that a person has gone through a particular right or has been identified as having specific skills. Gemerre form part of an individual's identity, the scars protect a person as they let ancestors know who the person is and what they bring with them. Across her chest Phyllis carries her
own Gemerre that was given to her by her elders when she was a young women.
Phyllis says; 'This is them scars that the old people used to cut across their bodies. Their leg, arm and stomach. This keep 'em safe
when going across rivers, so that the Rainbow Serpent doesn't get you.'