Ganguri by Muluymuluy Wirrpanda

Details of Ganguri

Catalog Number : 837768
Size : 56cm x 20cm
Medium : Bark Painting With Ochre
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About Ganguri
'Ganguri (yam) is ŋatha food) that grows in wet season time. After the wet season when the leaves fall down, at that time we always go into the jungle to get some yams. When we go we can see the vine string part of the plant in the trees. We follow the string to dig a hole to get the Ganguri. After that we go down to the beach to make a fire. When the fire burns down we take the coals to one side and put sand on top of them. Then the hot sand cooks the Ganguri.'
Below is the Yolŋu dictionary for this plant: Meaning: Yam (collective term) Long Yam - found in monsoon rainforest, can be eaten raw or cooked. Dioscorea sativa var. elongata, Vigna radiata
A synonym of ganguri is: baḻŋunda, bäḻtji, gulaka, gawatha, maṉmunda see maṉmuŋa