Titjikala Eagle Story by Doris Thomas

Details of Titjikala Eagle Story

Titjikala Eagle Story by Doris Thomas
Catalog Number : 837302
Size : 65.6cm x 65.6cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Titjikala Eagle Story
'This painting is about Tapatjatjaka, Titikal means 'eagle from the clay pan., and that's the clay pan on the way into town. It's sacred. This is the story of the Irrentya - Wedge tailed Eagle, who flew over head and saw a little boy sitting there crying. The boy's mother just walked away from him to go hunting. Left him there crying. All that boy's crying brought the Eagle. He heard him, saw him down there on his own. Eagle fly down. The boy climbed on to the back of the Eagle, who took him away. They been fly away. That little boy never been seen again. The eagle stole the little boy and took him away to another place. This happened just near these cattle yards, and the water tank that are part of the Maryvale Station'.

Tapatjatjaka is another name for Titjikala community. The Eagle Dreaming is significant to the region and people. The community is also known as Maryvale and Tapatjatjaka.