Ngayuku Ngura (My Home) by Linda Puna

Details of Ngayuku Ngura (My Home)

Ngayuku Ngura (My Home) by Linda Puna
Catalog Number : 837289
Size : 152cm x 122cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngayuku Ngura (My Home)
Linda's paintings combine Tjukurpa with day-to-day observations of community life, incorporating objects such as Toyota 4WD vehicles, houses, windmills and water tanks. In her very own playful way, she uses bold brush strokes and strong colours to bring to life the reality of remote community life in a fearlessly honest way.Remarkably, Linda is the first Anangu woman to live in a remote community whilst being dependant on a motorised wheelchair. She shares her joyful and unique perspective on life through her artwork, depicting the rocky desert country
surrounding Mimili community and referencing the Maku Tjukurpa (Witchery Grub Dreaming).