Tjilpi by Mumu Mike & Tuppy Goodwin

Details of Tjilpi

Catalog Number : 837283
Size : 150cm x 150cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Tjilpi
Tjilpi munu pampa nguraritjaa alatjitu.

This painting is a special collaborative between husband and wife Mumu Mike Williams and Tuppy Amari Goodwin, combining Williams' strong stance on land rights and Goodwin's cultural connection to manta (the land) and tjukurpa (story). Williams has used his recognisable text to assert Anangu's ownership over manta and their ngura (home) while Goodwin paints Antara, an important ceremonial site near Mimili. Together, they have created a true account of connection to country both historica nd contemporary.

Tjilpi munu pampa nguraritjaa alatjitu. Ngurkatanama nguraritja tjutangku payinyangka.

Senior men and women are the true custodians of country. Recognise our strong dislike of crimes against our country.