Ngayuku ngura - My Country by Gladys Roberts

Details of Ngayuku ngura - My Country

Ngayuku ngura - My Country by Gladys Roberts
Catalog Number : 837044
Size : 153cm x 198cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngayuku ngura - My Country
Glady's paintings are inspired by the traditional country around Fregon on the APY Lands. The contemporary interpretation of this vast, energetic and vibrant landscape creates a narrative of landforms and colour. Typical features are the long ridges of low sandhills. Rock-holes - irregular, circular shaped depressions in the rocks - fill with water when it rains. Knowledge of their location was essential to survival in nomadic times. The sandhills are interspersed by vast, flat plains of spinifex and native grasses which are criss-crossed by dry creeks lined with river red gum eucalypts. The patchwork effect of the land and creeks which flood during heavy rain is changeable. the intense red of the earth however is enduring.